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My Enchanted Birthday

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Welcome to My Enchanted Birthday!

Our professionally trained actresses and actors are guaranteed to WOW your guests at a party hosted by a character of your choice! We offer Princesses, Pirates, Wizards, and Scientists to suit a variety of ages, and the best part is we don't JUST host birthday parties, we can visit corporate events, special occasions, and charity functions too!

My Enchanted Birthday specializes in bringing a fun and creative entertainment option to your birthday parties, special occasions, charity functions, and corporate events. Our actors are trained to put on a spectacular event, whether your event is hosted by a Princess, Pirate, Wizard, or Scientist, your guests are sure to be talking about your party for months to follow!

Giving Back to the Community!

At My Enchanted Birthday, we know how important giving back to our community is and we are constantly organizing charity projects and fundraisers to help us give back to the community through a program that we call "The Smile Matching Movement".

We know how important the imagination is, so for every party purchased, My Enchanted Birthday will donate a visit to a local child in need of a smile. Most of our recipients are children battling life altering diseases, children who are dealing with extended hospital stays, orphaned and foster children, special needs children, and even low income families.

Each donated visit is different, some kids like to hear stories and read books, while others like to color, paint, or play board games, but no matter the activity, a little imagination and magic can take away from the sometimes grave reality that some children face. If you know a child that is in need of a smile, call us and we would be happy to set up a visit!

Please note that our characters are NOT the licensed, copyrighted or trademarked characters you may be familiar with, but representations of characters from the classic fairy tales. These stories and characters are very old (some by hundreds of years!) and many versions have become public domain.

We are NOT affiliated with any company, group or theme park that may own the rights to similar characters or stories. If you are looking for an official licensed character, please contact the company/copyright holders.